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                Early blossom day nursery
(previously lilies baby tots and childrens centre)

 Helping children develop to their full potential

Early blossom learning themes
Both Daisy and Sunflower rooms plan stimulating experiences and recreate the environment based on a periodical theme.
Each theme is implemented by children's interests, home experiences, cultural events and developmental steps. 
The theme can last up to one term, depending on the interest. 
We provide additional experiences such as yoga, drama, makaton signing song time, musical movement and sports sessions, these are all incorporated into each relevant theme.
Take a peek at our recent themes...

Autumn theme!

As autumn approached, so did our new theme...

We took full advantage of the park being next door and explored our autumn surroundings.  

The children actively participated in opportunities such as outdoor squirrel hunt, supermarket trip to observe autumn vegetables and autumn leaf angels! 

Day and night theme!

During this theme, the children engaged in experiences such as creating salt dough stars, exploring nocturnal animals, role play night caves and creating sun catchers.

The children enjoyed creative opportunities whilst learning about differences in the environment in which we live. 

Christmas creativity week!

We all got creative at christmas, engaging in stimulating activities such as making christmas pudding, our mummies and daddies came to watch us perform our christmas play and even santa claus came to say hello!

All about me !

To start the new term, we welcomed new friends and engaged in experiences, exploring our selves and our friends.

The children enjoyed activities such as paper mache faces, tasting food from our cultures and spaghetti bodies!