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                Early blossom day nursery
(previously lilies baby tots and childrens centre)

 Helping children develop to their full potential

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      lilies rooms are Divided by age group.

 Buttercups Room

Buttercups room is our babies aged 1-2 years. This large scale room has been especially designed for our babies, crawlers and our little ones who are just finding their feet. 

It has everything your little one could possible need, it even boasts its very own sensory room. Its has been sectioned into different learning areas.

Buttercups is a calm and fun environment, the layout of the room has been thoroughly thought out and everything has been made accessible for the appropriate age.

Buttercups maximum capacity is 9 children, this amount of children will allow socialization, giving the children the space and environment they need to progress. 

The ratio in the Buttercups is 1 adult to 3 children.

Planning in the Buttercups is focused on the three prime areas, and everyday is planned to be a fun and new day.

The fees are all inclusive of pampers nappies and wipes and Aptimal milk

Daisy room

Daisy's is for our children ages 2-3years. its a room filled with exciting play, another large scale room, set out accordingly into learning areas, allowing child initiated exploration.

This room also includes child height toilets which is always helpful with that all important potty training. 

Children are encouraged to partake in two adult led experiences per day which is based on the EYFS as well as given the chance to freely explore the variety of resources.
Full capacity for this room is 14 children, the ratio is 1 adult to 4 children. 
                          We accept the 15 hour free sessions. 
            Flexible hours can be accommodated depending on availability.

Sunflower Room

In sunflowers, staff thrive on providing learning experiences.

Staff implement periodic learning themes which are based on children's interests, home experiences, cultural festivals or child relevance

These learning experiences cover all seven areas of the EYFS, the children engage in 2 adult led activities per day as well as getting the chance to explore the range of resources freely as part of the continuous provision.
All children's individual needs and learning requirements will be taken into account. 
Our classroom is full of love, laughter and learning.
The ratio in this room is 1 adult to 8 children and the room itself can hold up to 12 children.